All reconditioned will also have the new easy set roller thickness adjustment cranks installed FREE of charge!
  Model: MR-11

New Featured Services

  1. Epoxy stainless steel primed with anti-rust agent.
  2. Epoxy stainless steel coated.
  3. Delivery with trade across U.S.A.
  4. Adustable cranks free with purchase or trade.
  5. Repair cage, no body fill.
  6. 90 day guarantee parts and labor.
  7. Ship various parts
    1. Scrapers
    2. Chain tighteners
    3. Safety switches
    4. Coveyor Belts (Model-11)
    5. Drive Belts
    6. Bearings
  8. 1 1/4" Plastic Legs optional.

Reconditioning of the ACME dough roller models 11, R11, MR 11 and MRS 11.

Reconditioning shall consist of the following:

1. Disassemble dough roller and all of the components.

2. The following are stripped to bare metal:
dough roller frame
roller shafts
scraper blade holders
idler arm assemblies
belt alignment collars and brackets
shaft castings
belt adjustment rods
power drive guard assembly
top and back cover
electrical boxes

3. The rollers are turned and polished, after which a coat of food grade lubricant is applied.

4. The hopper, feed pan and all stainless steel parts are cleanded and polished then a coat of food grade lubricant is applied.

5. The gear reducer is cleaned and serviced. The following parts are also serviced:
change gear lube
replace seals
check for worn shaft and gears

6. The drive moter is cleaned and serviced, which includes the following:
replace brushes
replace broken wiring and terminals
replace bearings
replace service cord
check service cord
check shaft, armature and bushings


7. The plastic or metal scraper blades are replaced.

8. Drill and re-tap adjustment knob holes if stripped.

>9. Drill holes for mounting the easy set roller thickness adjustment cranks.

10. Gear and motor supports are welded which adds extra support.

11. The following are replaced with new parts:
roller bearings
drive chain assembly
conveyor and motor drive belts
springs on idler arm and scraper blades
roller adjustment knobs
stripped or broken bolts, pins and screws
stud shaft and lower idler arm
roller shafts
lower and upper idler sprockets and shaft
belt alignment collars
feed pan

12. A base coat of primer is applied, after which follows a finish with epoxy enamel seal on the following parts:
idler and assemblies
shaft castings
ends of upper rollers
take up rods
dust cover: top and back cover
stud shaft
all sprockets

13. Finally, the plate containing serial number and model number is attached on the frame.